Supporting the community and wider Church

The parish is committed to supporting the community and the work of the wider Church. We express this commitment in a number of ways. 

Monthly Street Stall

Each month we hold a street stall In Brighton Rd at Sandgate. This helps us connect with the community and keep in touch with the needs of the community. From the proceeds of this stall we make a donation of $400 to a local community group or Church organisation.

For over 100 years BCA has been working to support Parishes in outback parts of Australia by funding the work if clergy to lead and support the local communities including visits to isolated homesteads.

We invite you to join us in supporting this work through prayer and financial giving.

Use their Prayer Diary

Explore their website

The Parish has been closely involved in the work of HAS since it was initially established in 1993 as the Sandgate & District Home Secure Program under the auspice of the Corporation of the Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane. Funded by the Queensland Government (Department of Housing) to provide security related assistance to eligible clients.

ABM helps us connect with some of the wider work of the Anglican Church. The Parish supports a number of appeals run by ABM during the year. Significant areas of their work include Papua New Guinea and the Pacific islands. Read more of the work of ABM on their web site 

Anglicare is the welfare arm of the Anglican Church. 

Every day the passionate staff and volunteers of Anglicare Southern Queensland are working to respond to growing community demand for our services. For over 140 years our staff have connected with people on every step of their life path, responding with compassion, creativity, commitment and courage to the needs of the members of our community who require support.

Whether it is providing nursing care and domestic assistance in the home, physiotherapy to enable the return of mobility, emergency accommodation for victims of domestic violence, working with foster carers in the care of vulnerable children, a safe caring environment for the elderly, skills training for young unemployed people or parental education and counselling, Anglicare is here, to offer the best quality support to enable our community to live the life they want.

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