Small Groups

A place to learn and grow

During the week there is opportunity to take about and hour and a half to meet with others to read and discuss parts of the Bible or aspects of the Christian faith.

We are currently using the Ridley Certificate

We have two groups at the moment at the following times and places

Monday 1:30 pm at St Peters, 44 North Rd.

     Wednesday 7:30 pm Parish Centre, 58 Rainbow St, Sandgate.

Email us if you would like to know more or are interested in joining us. 

Please feel free to just turn up!

Ridley Certificate

From Genesis to Revelation

Bible Overview covers the whole message of the Bible in a single subject. It has been designed and presented by Mike Raiter, a popular and esteemed Bible teacher. It will help you grasp of the big story of the Bible, and to make more sense of the different Bible readings you may hear at church or read in your own devotions. It also will help you get a sense of how the Bible relates to the world around us. 


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