Children are learning every day, and everyday parents are in effect teachers of their children. So in family life, there is a teacher/student relationship.

The Parish wants to help parents by providing a time of learning that looks at a bible story or a topic each week.

Each week of the School Term from 9 am Sundays at St Margaret’s Sandgate.

The session goes for about 45 minutes. The children then join their families in worship for the last part of the service.

The program includes a story from the Bible, a song, puzzle time and prayer.

Children of Prep and Primary School age.

The Bible for Children

While it is essential for parents to read and explore the Bible there are also great resources for introducing the Bible to children. The Bible app for Kids is suitable for both pre readers and those developing their reading skills.

Another excellent resource that helps readers and pre readers is the Jesus Story Book. It is available in book form from Koorong bookstore or by download on line through Sallylloyd-jones .com

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