A Christian wedding ceremony gives a couple opportunity to express commitment to their relationship with each other. It also enables them to express their relationship with God and their desire to have God involved in their life together as husband and wife

Our Parish supports couples through a number of interviews that explore the special character of Christian marriage, provides a number of practical resources to help the couple grow and strengthen their relationship over time and then an in-depth exploration of the order of service that will be such a special part of your wedding day.

Documents that are required:

Fill out this form online, print it out and bring it to your first preparation interview.

We also require this Wedding Information form be completed by each couple

A full copy of Birth Certificates for Bride and Groom

If either party has been divorced they will need to have a copy of the original Decree Absolute.

Our Wedding booklet will give you other helpful information when planning your wedding

Why a Church wedding?

Because your Wedding Day is such a special event it is important that the place you choose to exchange your vows is one that is special also. This may be one of our local worship centers or a location that is special to you as a couple. The Parish clergy must also give their agreement to officiate at the requested location.

St Margaret’s in Rainbow St Sandgate is a Heritage listed building full of history and atmosphere and can provide the perfect setting for your special day.

Every day we use words to express our thoughts and feelings, a Christian wedding enables couples to not only express their love for each other but also their desire to seek the blessing and guidance of God through their marriage. Unlike a civil ceremony that excludes all mention of God, a Church wedding actively involves God through out the words of the ceremony.

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